Tricia Mulgrew Wears Special Jewelry

September 10, 2016

Tricia Mulgrew Wears Special Jewelry

Who loves movies? I feel like it's a safe bet that most people do. The art form has come a long way since the days of black and white and silent films (though of course, those are critical in the progression of the medium).

Lots of work happens after the actual filming of the movie. Editing, sound mixing, visual effects. I happen to have a soft spot for post production, having worked in the industry (audio in particular) for 8 years before pursuing my dream of becoming a jewelry maker. I know a lot of talented people working behind the scenes, well after a piece gets prepped and shot, just before it gets released to the audience.

Our good friend Tricia Mulgrew is just one of the many people working hard to deliver VFX to films. As a producer, she is hard at work not only during production, but before and after as well, overseeing the whole process. She puts together a team of very talented people who create scenes, characters and situations that are out of this world.

Aside from that, she is also a kind and generous soul who loves travel, sports, and treating her friends to fun experiences. She also knows how to give back to herself by choosing quality, handmade pieces.

We love that our silver sea dragon cuff found a home with her. I'm sure she will add many wonderful stories to that piece for years to come!

Speaking of stories, go make some fun stories of your own this weekend. Treat yourself, have fun, and wear special jewelry!



Sea Dragon Cuff Sterling Silver


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