Eric Matthies Wears Special Jewelry

September 08, 2016

Eric Matthies Wears Special Jewelry

Jewelry is universal. Everywhere we have ever travelled, regardless of the location, climate or economic status of the place, you will see people wearing jewelry. Seeing all this made me realize that self expression is inherent in human beings. It doesn't take a lot of resources to create something that will speak to our differing personalities, and this shows that human creativity will triumph in any circumstance!

We have decided to start a portrait project featuring the many people, a lot of them dear family and friends, and focus on a few things that make them special. We have also been trying to spread the hashtag #wearspecialjewelry to inspire people to wear pieces that have a story. Everyone has their favorite things in the closet or house. An old t-shirt you've had for 20 years, a scarf your mom made last winter, your wedding bands. They run the gamut: different origins, materials, price ranges, because special doesn't have to mean expensive, fancy or rare. Special means you see it, and it evokes a special person, place or memory to you.

For our first post, we featured our dear friend (who was also our first ever customer when we launched our online store) Eric Matthies. An extremely talented man with a heart of gold, he continues to represent us everywhere he goes by sporting his tusk cuff in brass.

We hope you continue to look out for these posts! The photos are taken by my supremely talented husband Clay Enos. For those who know his work, you're sure to recognize these portraits as having his signature special style. They will come out every Saturday so you can be inspired: inspired to make things, to express yourself, and of course, to wear special jewelry!



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