Anna Obropta Wears Special Jewelry

October 21, 2016

Anna Obropta Wears Special Jewelry

Years ago when I started more seriously making jewelry, Anna, one of our best friends, commissioned me to make her a cuff inspired by Wonder Woman. She gave me several reference photos, gave some direction, but ultimately let me put my own spin on it. I've since made a few cuffs for her as of course, we all get better and better at our craft with time, and this particular cuff is Version 3 and the final version of the cuff.

She has always looked to Wonder Woman for inspiration. It seems just meant to be, and perfectly fitting, that she would then work on the Wonder Woman movie coming out next year!

When I think about Anna I think about all the wonders within her: the sensitivity, the thoughtfulness, the resilience, the fierceness, the knack for storytelling, the ability to make people laugh, and the beauty she possesses, both inside and out. She and Clay have known each other for decades, and when I came into Clay's life, she was so welcoming of me. Over the years, she has embraced me not only as Clay's partner, but as her sister. She certainly has become a barometer and role model of how women can be to one another.

Today the UN announces Wonder Woman (the fictional character) as Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. So go and think about and celebrate all the Wonder Women in your lives that serve as inspiration, friend, family, source of strength, and source of fun.

Anna certainly is one of mine :)



 Strength Cuff

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