Alisha Stevens Wears Special Jewelry

September 16, 2016

Alisha Stevens Wears Special Jewelry

Alisha is one of those people who light up any room they walk into. She is always sweet, always has a kind word to say, always has a smile on her face, even in the most stressful situations. And the entertainment industry where she works has PLENTY of stressful situations.

I'm so happy the double chain rings found a lovely home on her fingers! Ever since she got them, she has been flaunting them to everyone she meets. She says they make her want to do a Beyonce dance move every time she wears them! You know the one from Put a Ring On It? Everyone's done it at some point. Admit it ;)

Well we like Alisha so much we put not just one, but TWO rings on her! How's that for closing the deal?

Hope you have some dancing in your future this weekend! Whether you go out and shake your booty to some DJ or do your best Beyonce in front of your bedroom mirror in your pajamas, make sure you also wear special jewelry!






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