Meet your Maker

KC is happiest when she is working with her hands. Well, that and making people laugh. She is fascinated by all manners of working with metal, wax and gemstones and finds inspiration everywhere. In her travels she came to understand that the art of self-expression is universal. Thus, jewelry serves to connect all cultures and generations, especially because many of the techniques in jewelry making endure throughout the centuries.
She creates pieces that are minimal yet make a strong statement, designing for the curious and adventurous ones who like to venture off the beaten path; those who appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and thoughtful creation; those who seek objects that require time and that will endure even longer.

When she is not in the studio, you are likely to find her in a queue to get an ice cream, lifting weights so she can eat more ice cream, watching something with subtitles, gardening or flower arranging, and hanging out with her family and friends. She plans travel itineraries around food and drink, really enjoys being below sea level with her reef and gilled friends and enjoys places where she doesn't speak the language. She finds that somehow, she can always get by with a smile.